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Adriana S. 11/12/2018

Recently discovered this taco joint through my handy Yelp app suggestions. After reading the reviews I had to come check it out for myself. So how it works is you order your food at the counter then they give you a number and bring the food to the table. Simple right ?!  I ordered the 2 taco dinner it comes with rice and beans. I chose to go with the chicken tinga taco which is basically shredded chicken in chipotle sauce. It tasted almost as good as the chicken tinga I make at home but not spicy. Plus for people who don't like spicy food. The chorizo taco was good too! Of course I ordered both tacos with cilantro and onion. Let's not forget the drinks ! They serve beer in case you like your tacos with a nice cold beer. There's a selection of fountains drinks. What would a taco joint be without the AGUA de HORCHATA! Let me tell ya the agua de horchata is awesome, authentic, very tasty ! It's not watered down you can definitely tell it's the real thing. And they also bring chips and salsa to the table a chipotle and green salsa is provided real good too! Got to give them 5 starts for how authentic the food is. Keep up the great job!

Nisha F. 11/11/2018

So me and my friend decided to try this lunch. It's kinda our thing to try new places. I like that it's close by and quality of meat is great. Service was really good too. Will be returning.

Tim H. 10/28/2018

Really enjoyed my 1st visit. They opened up 6 weeks ago and are obviously doing it right. I love how they serve the salsa warm with the fresh chips. It seems to enhance the salsa flavor. I scarfed down the asada and al pastor tacos. I definitely will be back for a burrito and want to check out their breakfast taco too. Cozy, warm and friendly atmosphere and very helpful staff. They serve up beer and wine too.

Mike P. 10/19/2018

Great tasting food and the specialty tacos is we're it's at highly recommend this place and beer is plus. Horchata water is different and taste good. Dirty fries are good. There salsa that comes with the chips amazing taste and the green sauce wow. The jefa taco was my favorite.